Museum Begins Construction:


In the spring of 2012 the Huntley Project Museum will begin the construction of a turn of century town site and homestead site.  The TIIP Grant awarded the museum with $22,500 for this project. The museum will also use donations and savings to complete the entire development.

Scope of the Project

A total of nine buildings will be moved to join the current doctor’s office and bank on the north side of the canal. The town site will utilize five museum owned buildings, it will feature a mercantile, post office, church, barbershop, and theater. The remaining four buildings will be arranged to simulate an early homestead including; a 1910 homestead house, log cabin, barn with corral, and chicken coop. A raised boardwalk will be constructed to lead visitors from the main museum center to the old fashioned town site.

Stage One-Early Spring 2012

Currently foundations are being excavated and poured by RL Schaff Concrete Construction LLC.

Stage Two- Spring 2012

Wiley Crandall of Outwest Lifters will move the buildings onto their respective foundations. Smaller buildings will be moved by museum board members and volunteers under the advisement of board member Bill Kraske.

Stage Three-Summer 2012

Museum board members and volunteers will construct the wooden boardwalk to connect the main museum center to the town site.


The following are pictures of the town site development:

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